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Blue Beetle in the city with his blue suit, and he’s killing it!

Blue Beetle is the name of three fictional superheroes who appear in a number of American comic books published by a variety of companies since 1939. The Blue Beetle, created by DC Comics, is Jaime Reyes, a teenager who discovered that the original Blue Beetle scarab morphed into a battle suit allowing him to fight crime and travel in space. Over the years Reyes became a member of the Teen Titans and starred in two Blue Beetle comic series.


Jaime Reyes is a teenager who lives in El Paso, Texas, with his father, mother, and little sister; his father owns a garage and his mother is a nurse. Jaime has offered to help his father out at the garage, but his father has turned him down. He feels Jaime should enjoy his childhood for as long as he can, and should attempt to further his education. He finds the scarab in a vacant lot and it fuses with him while he sleeps. After Booster Gold revealed Jaime’s new powers to him, Jaime was swept up in the climactic battle with Brother Eye during Infinite Crisis.

Jaime has a girlfriend, the young sorceress Traci 13, who gets along well with Jaime’s family. His large and loving family is a major source of strength and guidance for Jaime. Christopher Smith aka the Peacemaker also became a mentor for the young Blue Beetle. See this beautiful Blue beetle costumes we designed for you. If you ever have read the comic, you like the character, you think he is cool. You should get these costumes to prove it! Cause our costumes are super incredible, so comfortable, you can wear it every day. any color you like, we have them!

Blue Beetle costumes

Also in case, you don’t know. Blue Beetle is the main character in Justice League vs. Teen Titans too, where he is a member of the Teen Titans replacing Cyborg. He is a close friend of Beast Boy and helps in fending off Trigon’s demonic emissaries from Hell. Look at him flying on the costumes. Super strong, super masculine. Get this now for 50% off, for only $15.99 you can take this costumes home! Free shipping for one costumes internationally!
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